Lehigh Valley Wedding - Fox & Finch - Catherine and Matt

Catherine and Matt first met while they were students at Kutztown University.

The connection was strong, but ultimately college is a weird time in your life as it is, and the two went their separate ways. That was until four years ago in 2015, when they reconnected and realized that they were both very thankful for a second chance to get to know each other.

Catherine, still located in the Lehigh Valley, and Matt, living in North Wales, decided to reconnect over a date at Bethlehem Brew Works. They ended up at the legendary bar after a brief FOUR HOUR walk! It was clear these two were destined to come back to each other.

On August 11th, 2018, as they left a family get together on the car ride home, they both decided together that they should probably get this done and make it official.

Listen, I’m a wedding photographer, and I’ve heard a lot of proposal stories. I’ve even witnessed a bunch of proposals. There is just something about a couple deciding together… at the same time…that all they want to do is marry each other that just makes my heart leak. WHO’S CUTTING THE DAMN ONIONS IN HERE!?

Also, holy moley, these kids move fast! They decided to do this on August 11th, 2018 and were MARRIED on November 3rd! What!? Now I really recommend against a three month timeline to get everything done for a wedding, but I guess if you’re Catherine and Matt nothing can really stop you.

When Catherine and Matt called me and said they were getting married in three months, I was shocked and also super happy for them. Also, they were going to get married in a photo studio that I had worked in when I was a young photographer just starting out. So I was naturally super excited about this. However, they hit a snag with it and it fell through, and I’m so glad it did because they found Fox and Finch Vintage Rentals. For the past few years, I have heard so much about Fox and Finch and had been itching to shoot something there, and let me tell you it was everything I hoped for and more.

This beautiful warehouse space is flooded with light and industrial textures that just make everything look magical. Fox and Finch also has you covered from head to toe with vintage furniture and decor from basically every time period dating back to the Victorian era. It’s incredible and you just have to see it for yourself. It’s the most beautiful blank canvas you can imagine.

So when Matt walked in on his wedding day, he was confronted with this beautiful blank canvas and immediately got to work. With the help of The Fox and Finch team and some manual labor from the Happily Ever Atkinson crew he created a real masterpiece.

I would now like to gush about all the vendors that made this day possible…but there aren’t any. This couple did everything by themselves with just the help of their family. It was just truly incredible.

I could talk all day about this wedding, but I won’t. So just look at the pictures and leave some love for the couple in the comments!