Lehigh Valley Family Session - Dewalt Family - Downtown Easton

Let's raise our glasses and put our hands together for all the grass growing through the cracks in the concrete.

Let it be a reminder to all of us to never let anything stand in our way.

I think Erin learned that lesson super well. I met Erin in early 2018 at a small networking group for people who work in the creative industry. Erin is a graphic designer in NYC for a major publishing company.

When she contacted me for a family shoot a few weeks later I was so happy. However, my heart sank when I read her email and discovered that the reason she wanted a family shoot was because the lymphoma she had lived with for 8 years had become more aggressive and she would need to start chemotherapy treatments. She just wanted to have photos of her and her family while she still had hair.

We needed to act quickly, so within a week we were out in Historic Downtown Easton. Let me tell you, the Dewalt family could topple the lemonade industry over night if they wanted to. These kids know how to have a good time and live in the moment. I spent a few hours just running around with this beautiful family discovering all of Easton’s new murals and picaresque Riverside Park.

I can’t describe to you what it means to me that someone would pick me to capture these photos for such an important and scary moment in their lives. I’m honored beyond words.

Also, I think Erin has super-powers or something. Her Facebook feed is littered with posts and photos of her completing 5K runs days after chemo treatments, training for the BOSTON MARATHON, and being one of the best mothers you could imagine.

I’m happy to report that today Erin is in remission thanks to the support of her family and her amazing team of doctors at LVHN Hematology-Oncology and Memorial Sloane Kettering.

so keep in mind, when you feel the walls closing in around you, think of Erin and remember to push through the cracks and find the light.

Check out their awesome session and leave some love for Erin and her family!