Caitlin & Isaac's Epic Fairytale Shoot!

IsaacCaitlinABA_3584September 24, 2017170904.jpg

First of all, 

Caitlin and Isaac are very close to me and my wife. Caitlin was a vital member of our wedding party, one of Kailey's very best friends. And had Isaac moved home from Los Angeles a month sooner he probably would have been one of my groomsmen. Needless to say they are both very important to us. 

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For those of you who have commisioned HEA in the last year, you might recognize Isaac as one of the very best lighting assistants in the world.

These two love birds met in Highschool. Let it sink in. Highschool. 

And if you're one of those people who think that sort of thing just doesn't exist in the world, you're wrong. Like, totalllly wrong. 

Anyway, they met in highschool, stayed together long distance through college, and longer distance when Isaac decided to move to Los Angeles to work in the film industry. 

Isaac came home from LA with one goal. Marrying the absolute love of his life. And who could blame him? 

IsaacCaitlinABA_3497September 24, 2017161445.jpg

The photos were taken at the beautiful home of Isaac's parents nestled on one of the most beautiful roads in Martin's Creek Pa. I mean, seriously, one of the most beautiful pieces of land I've ever been on. 

The creek is very dear to both of them, and I decided that we needed to do some extroadinary photos with it. 

And even though we've had very warm fall weather, the creek was still super cold. I told them I needed them both in the creek and neither hesitated. They just jumped right in, and trusted that whatever I needed them to do was going to pay off. 

IsaacCaitlinABA_3753September 24, 2017184502.jpg

This level of trust is why I do what I do people. Take a look at some of their awesome photos and leave some love for this awesome couple in the comments!