Norway comes to Easton Pennsylvania

Soooooooo I love going to photo conferences. You take in a bunch of information over a couple of days, and get to see all the awesome new gear and products that are coming out. All of that is awesome. 

But what I really love is meeting a bunch of new people that you get to bond with. Last year I went to Mystic Seminars for the first time, and it was so damn awesome. I had never heard of it before, but I looked it up, and decided to take a chance. After all, I'd be traveling with my buddy Pete, hes always a good time, and Id never been to Portland before. 

Mystic is the best. 

We made so many new friends.

Like... so many new friends. hahaha. 

Fast forward to October, yeah Im late with this story, and one of these awesome new friends came to visit us. Eirik is an amazing photographer living in Norway, and working all over the world. 

Later that week we went to NYC and he took some absolutely gorgeous photos of me and my beautiful wife Kailey.

I just want to say that I think its incredibly important that as artists and business owners that we foster these types of relationships in our community. Not only does it provide you with all the happiness of a new friendship, but its expanding the amount of resources you have. All of the people I've become friends with know that they can reach out to me for advice, or a second shooter, or gear if they need. 

Anyway heres a few photos of a real-life viking hanging with Pete and I in Pennsylvania.