Katie and Bryan's Wedding in the Rain at Monterre Vineyard

Wedding Ceremony in the Rain with Umbrellas

Let me tell you, It takes guts.

It takes guts to make a decision that potentially puts all of your wedding guests out in the rain for your ceremony. And I'm so glad that Katie took a deep breath and said to her coordinator, "Lets do it outside." 

This was the moment that she had been dreaming about forever. Her perfect outdoor ceremony, at her perfect vineyard venue. The only problem was that allll this rain decided to show up as well. 

I told her, "not to worry." I told her, "Its only rain." And when they asked her inside or outside, I said, "Everyone who is here is either here because they love you, because they're working for you, or both. If you pick inside, your ceremony is inside. But If you pick outside, and have to come inside you'll at least have that amazing memory of your wedding ceremony out in this beautiful vineyard. 

It was definitely a gutsy decision to make, and when she made it, the amazing people at Monterre Vineyards snapped into action, and in 20 minutes we were in the lower vineyard watching Katie walk down the aisle with her father in hand. Umbrellas, and a massive tree sheilded us from all but a few drops of rain.

Spoiler alert. Noone cared about the rain. It was awesome.

After the ceremony we came inside, and rain-planned the family portraits inside. Again the amazing staff at Monterre created a beautiful location for her family portraits. Once these were done everyone snapped into full-on party mode. 

Let me just say, these peeps know how to party. Check out the photos below and leave some love for Katie and Bryan in the comments!